We must rise above our situation and cirumstances.

Created 2 Be Elevated

God's Anointed Drummer

Co-Owner Calvin G. Williams is the brain behind this business. He heard a message about the promises of God and immediately felt compelled to spread the message to all God’s children. He realized that each one of us must rise above our situation and circumstances. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17 KJV. If we put the word in action, God’s people will hear it, faith will increase, and they will begin to see things that be not as though they were and manifest their Elevation!

Calvin G. Williams AKA Pastor Cal G, God’s Anointed Drummer and Calvin The Groovement is a Pastor, Drummer and Percussionist who was born and raised on the South side of Chicago Illinois. He has been rocking the drums and sharing his gift of locking it in the pocket for over 30 years. He has had the pleasure of playing for and with many groups during his journey. He is immensely proud to have had the opportunity to set a musical foundation all over the world. Calvin is a true lover of all things musical. Although he has gospel roots and is best known for playing Gospel, he has such a gift that he can play any style and make you dance out your shoes and boots. He has a tight pocket and a groove like no other. His timing is impeccable, and he has been nicknamed the human metronome.

Calvin has played alongside some great and talented musicians including but not limited to:

• Richard Patterson (bass)
• Cliff Dubois (keyboard)
• Steve LaFlora (keyboard)
• Vincent Roof (lead guitar)
• Tim Gant (keyboard)
• Amr Marcin Fahmy (keyboard)
He has also had the honor of playing for some great musical artists including but not limited to:
• Cherise The Movement
• The Inspirational Charms
• The Famed Christland singers
• The Legendary Argo singers
• The Caravans
• The Chicago Travelers
• Allaine Quinn
• The Barrmitzfa King, QWOE
• Pastor Cherise Williams

All About Cherise

Learn more about Cherise

Cherise is a Pastor, Psalmist, Worship leader, gospel recording artist and Intercessor who believes in the Power of God!


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